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Message Board
Sub Needed - Varsity Basketball Doubleheader (Ryan Parriott) 12/9/2019
1 Freshman Boys Game (Chris Caskey) 12/8/2019
Need JV Official- 3 open dates (Ethan Lensch) 12/6/2019
Football Official for 2020/21 (Bill Clark) 12/2/2019
Looking to Work Varsity Games (Rady Malcom) 12/2/2019
Varsity Basketball Sub (Eric) 12/1/2019
Varsity Basketball Sub needed 1/17/20 (Mark Janssen) 11/29/2019
JV/V Baseball/Softball Twin Cedars (Trent Verwers) 11/19/2019
JV Basketball-Twin Cedars (2 dates) (Trent Verwers) 11/19/2019
Sub-varsity - January/February Pella (Dale Otte) 11/14/2019
2019-20 Subvarsity BB Officials Needed (Al Lammers ) 11/6/2019
JH Basketball Colfax (Skylar Rawlins ) 11/4/2019
JV Basketball Colfax (Skylar Rawlins) 11/4/2019
Next year FB crew (Nathan Stupka) 10/29/2019
2019-20 Subvarsity BB Officials Needed (Al Lammers ) 10/21/2019